LECOdays Nordic

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LECO European Application and Technology Center
LECOdays Nordic

VISIT LECOdays Nordic
from 7 – 9 May, 2019

LECO are happy to invite you to LECOdays Nordic, a workshop where experts and users from the Nordics will meet to improve their knowledge and exchange experiences in a professional and pleasant environment. Our international experts will participate and give interesting lectures.

The workshop will be held on 8th May 2019

at LECO’s European Application and Technology Centre in Berlin.

Topics will be covered:

  • Calibration course
  • TOC/EC/TIC Measurements
  • Weigh-in (Lecture held by a representative from Sartorius)
  • Sample preparation (Lecture held by a representative from Fritsch)
  • Thermogravimetric analysis of moisture and ash
  • Metallographic sample preparation and hardness testing
  • GD-OES (Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometry)